A Pause for Breath

I haven’t written in a while. And not just here, but in life really either, not like I used to. I used to love writing fiction, about fantastical worlds and experiences of my characters. Nowadays I feel more like I’m floating through life, drifting. I don’t have that creative excitement I used to have, staying […]

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On the Trials of Life

Sometimes when things go bad, they all go bad at once. You get pressure from all sides, stress from dedications and responsibilities, emotional turmoil and other curveballs which take you by surprise. Know this though: don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Society has taught us to see ourselves as weak if we can’t deal […]

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Bare Beginnings

Why are beginnings so difficult? Often we ponder and debate how to start things, when to start things what should come first and in the end spend more time thinking of starting then actually starting. What is it about them? Maybe we think that they must be important. As a beginning they’re the first steps […]

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