Bare Beginnings

Why are beginnings so difficult?

Often we ponder and debate how to start things, when to start things what should come first and in the end spend more time thinking of starting then actually starting. What is it about them? Maybe we think that they must be important. As a beginning they’re the first steps we take, the first word we put down on a page, surly they must have to be the right ones? Or maybe it’s not that it’s important. Maybe it because once we start it becomes tangible, no longer only a possibility. Maybe we’re afraid of failing before we even try, may never finish.

I know that I sent way too long thinking about what would be my first post, what would be my first statement. And you know what? It’s damn scary. Beginnings are always scary. Perhaps thats what we need to stop being afraid of. Our first steps don’t need to be important. We should be able to welcome failure and, at the risk of sounding cheesy, learn from these failures. Maybe we find out that whatever we start is not for us, and that’s ok. If we don’t start we’ll never know. We may even miss our chance to begin.

So what’s this? And who am I? This is a little blog of reflections by a person trying to figure out the world (original, I know!). I’m not really sure what it’s going to be yet, and thats the beauty of it. If there’s anyone out there reading, we’ll discover it together and see what happens.

Sam Eversley


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