Why’s it called “The Epistolary Surmise”?

There’s no deep meaning to the name, it’s just two words that I thought where pretty cool.

To break it down, I’ll go through their definitions:

Surmise: to think or infer without certain or strong evidence

So this bit basically means, for me here, that these are just my opinions and observations about the world. It’s a way to help me figure out the world, and hopefully help anyone else who might be trying to figure out the same thing.

Epistolary: contained in or carried on by letters

I thought this would be a cool way to set these blog posts out, as letters sent out into the world. Like a digital message in a bottle! I like the idea of that.



What’s “Letter’s to my Loved Ones“?

These are letters of the things we want to say to our loved ones and we never get round to saying it. Our lives take over, the little things feel more important at the time and we forget to say what we really want to say.

For me here, they’re the letters, notes, little forgotten moments that I want to say to my loved ones: past, present and future. A log of letters of words that needed to be said. Maybe it will remind people to say what they mean to say to their loved ones, or maybe I can help people to figure out how to say what they need to say, but that’s just a hope.

These are just my letters; the words I meant, mean or will mean to say to my loved ones.







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